Empower yourself with knowledge

In this workshop, we dive deep into science around anxiety, research, brain mechanisms and we cover many different strategies on how to handle your symptoms.

Everyone is different, this isn't a quick fix or a to-do list. This is a workshop with the goal of actually teaching you how to read your body and your thoughts and how to know what strategies might work for you.

There are many suggestions, the idea is for you to feel empowered to take what works for you.

Workshop Intensive

This is one of our XO intensive workshops where we thoroughly examine a subject and discuss in a group format.

The video recordings are edited to remove personal information and details about participants for their privacy, but includes many examples and take-away messages.

Substance Over Style:

This is not a fancy course with fancy slides and edited videos.

It is a recording of a live in-depth and enlightening workshop that was held online.

It's not a quick fix with pretty handouts. It's not bite sized, 1- minute videos for Instagram with short motivational messages.

It is a deep dive into the workings of your brain and science of how to re-wire your thoughts and emotions. It requires interest in learning and commitment to trying the (many) strategies discussed to notice a change.

It is a topic of interest for the participants and the instructor and there were so many great takeaways and realizations for everyone involved.

What they said ...

"I am forever changed"

This workshop has maybe been the most eye-opening experience of my ENTIRE life. These are concepts that I am just recently discovering. And I think many people don't receive much insight into health or how the body works. And this is yet another space where I feel empowered to take some responsibility for my health. To say that this workshop was life changing is no exaggeration. I am forever changed.

"I felt much better"

Before the workshop I was feeling like the constant worry and troublesome thoughts were consuming me. After taking the workshop, I felt much better. I had many realizations that were not just interesting but also helpful.

"Well researched without being too scripted"

I liked that the sessions center on a theme and that they were well researched without being too scripted. It was helpful to learn the different ways anxiety can manifest.

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Learn and Grow

If you like to learn, in depth, really understand yourself and be more aware of your patterns and subconscious thoughts, this workshop will resonate with you.

There are action items and take-aways but this is not a quick fix or a superficial to-do list.

This workshop is goes deep into how we think, and how our brains work. It'll give you knowledge and tools, then it's up to you to put those into practice - in whatever way works best for you.